For New Users

  • Steps for Online Reservation
  • Picking Up Your Car
  • Returning Your Car

Online Reservation Process

  • Access the home page of WBF Rent-A-Car.
    Specify an exact date, time, and a rental car service office from "Search a Rental Car" on the upper left of the page.
    Click a "Search" button.
  • Click a button "On Estimate Details" from among plans that you want to confirm details.
    Display a screen of rental car plan details.
  • Select a part of contents that you want to change such as "How to Rent a Car" or " How to return a rental car". Option services can be selected on this page.
    If you need child sheets, select a number of child sheets.
  • Check the price and go on to the next display.
    If you have completed membership registration, please enter your user ID and password and then click a "Login" button. If you are the first-time user, please click a "Go to Reservation Page" button.
  • For customers who use the online service for the first time, please enter your name and phone number etc.
    (When members log in and use this site, registered information will be displayed.) ,
    Please enter user information such as numbers of passengers.
  • Check your reservation contents, and then click the "Make a Reservation with this request" button, if your reservation order is correct.
  • Reservation completion display will appear. At the same time, an confirmation email with your reservation details will automatically be sent to your registered e-mail address.
    Please check it.

Picking Up Your Car

  • Visit a service office on a date and time you have reserved online or by phone. Or visit a pickup location.
  • Tell about your name at the reception desk. We start to take car rental procedures. Please show your "international driver's license" and "passport" when renting a car. We also ask customer's who rent a car with an "international driver's license" to make a payment by their credit card basically.
  • Our staff explains precautions and your insurance coverage. On Insurance Coverage System
  • Sign the car rental contract upon your confirmation of the car rental certificate after explanation by our staff. (※A driver shall sign it.)
  • Make a payment after confirming your reservation. Payment can be made by cash or credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX). Check your vehicle with our staff for any damage or defects before starting off.
  • Once everything is set up, you can start off the driving.

Returning Your Car

  • Fill up your car at a gas station upon its return. Information on the nearest gas stations can be available from our staff at our service offices.
  • After refueling, have the fill-up certificate signed by a gas station crew. Please refrain from refueling at a self-service gas station.
  • After arriving at your service office, inform our staff of returning of your car.
  • After return, our staff will check with you whether there are any damage to the vehicle or things left behind in the vehicle. If there are any unsettled extra charges, please pay for them.

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